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Frequently Asked Questions


Across town or across the country!

We can accommodate small or large groups and also those with special needs.
We have taken groups on rides to the airport and for weeks long excursions.

Tour Coaches | School Busses | Vans

Experienced, courteous and qualified drivers will make a pleasant journey.

Q - How far in advance do we need to reserve a charter?
A - The larger the group / the more buses needed, the further in advance you should make your reservation. Also, trips covering more than one day or needing more than one driver will need more notice. Short notice times are occassionaly available. Call us.


Q - How many passengers fit on the buses?
A - We have vechicles that carry from 8 to 84 passengers, and can provide as many vehicles as needed for your group.


Q - How far can you go?
A - Within the Continental USA - no foreign travel.


Q - How much does it cost?
A - The cost per person can be very reasonable when divided among a group.

An added benifit of charter trips is the social interaction of the group.

The trip can become an event itself!


Q - What is your question?
A - We will answer it!


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